Most runners run races without giving much thought as to how they are going to run the race.

They just pay their entry fee and run, or run with their teammates, without any intention to their actions, hoping for a good result. Successful racing takes knowledge, planning, and execution. And a little courage. In 101 Winning Racing Strategies for Runners, Dr. Karp offers the most comprehensive guide for running winning races. Get insider information about:

How to run smarter races

Race strategy and tactics

Winning training for racing strategies

Winning pre-race strategies

Winning during race strategies

Winning mental strategies

Jason Karp, PhD

Dr. Jason Karp is a nationally-recognized running coach and award-winning personal trainer, speaker, writer, and exercise physiologist. He owns, a state-of-the-science running coaching company dedicated to helping runners meet their potential and is founder and coach of REVO2LT Running Team™. He writes for international running, coaching, and fitness magazines and scientific journals and is the author of five books. Dr. Karp has taught USA Track & Field’s highest level coaching certification and is a frequent presenter at national coaching and fitness conferences in addition to hosting his own clinics.

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Rave Reviews:

“Dr. Jason Karp’s 101 Winning Racing Strategies for Runners is terrific! I say this based on my own competitive racing career over the years from high school cross country and track to winning a bronze medal at the World Cross Country Championships and ranked #1 in the world in the marathon three years. I had good coaches and teammates along the way, but the points Jason makes in this book should be known by every aspiring runner, no matter what your final goals are. I like Dr. Karp’s major points—run smart! His book answers all the key questions a runner might have to improve their efforts.”
– Bill Rodgers, 4-time Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon Champion and bronze medalist at World Cross Country Championships

“At last, a book that illustrates and documents, brilliantly, the full essence of running. Too often athletes and coaches concentrate only on the physical aspects of training, at the neglect of the tactical aspects of competing. Dr. Karp has captured and combined the mind/body aspects of training and competing as well as I have ever seen explained, yet so vital to distance running success. I believe every distance runner and coach should have in their library, a copy of 101 Winning Racing Strategies for Runners.”
– Dr. Joe Vigil, 1988 & 2008 Olympic Distance Coach and Coaching Educator for the International Olympic Committee, International Association of Athletics Federations, and USA Track & Field

“In 101 Winning Racing Strategies for Runners, Dr. Jason Karp has produced a most insightful collection of pre-race, during race, training, and mental strategies. If you want to run smarter, faster races, my advice: you need to read this book!”
– Rod Dixon, Olympic 1,500 meters medalist, 2-time World Cross Country Championships medalist, New York City Marathon champion, and Founder of Rod Dixon’s KiDSMARATHON Foundation

“Dr. Karp’s 101 Winning Racing Strategies for Runners presents the most practical, comprehensive, and straightforward advice for achieving racing success for every level of runner, recreational to professional. This is yet another one of his books portraying his extensive knowledge and experience of the sport of running.”
– Mbarak Hussein, 2-time U.S. National Marathon Champion and 3-time Honolulu Marathon Champion with a marathon best of 2:08:10